Friday, March 11, 2011

Seasoning Lent...on the Road

My Mom's birthday was this week, so we decided that we would go to Mississippi for a surprise visit this weekend. Of course we wanted to stick to our commitment of healthy eating, so we packed up everything we would need to prepare the meals that were planned for the weekend: Broccoli Lasagna Spirals, Brussel Sprouts, & Sweet Potato with Warm Black Bean Salsa.

The lasagna was pretty simple to make. To make transporting everything easier, we had mixed up the filling the night before. All we had to do once we got to my parent's house was boil the lasagna noodles, stuff them with the filling, cover it with sauce, and bake it. The lasagna turned out great and got good reviews from my parents!

Since we were making food for a larger audience than

normal, we also made the brussel sprouts to go as a side with the lasagna. These were similar to brussel sprouts we had cooked before, but added some onions in to be baked with them. Just like everything else we've cooked so far, they were simple to prepare and tasted great. My mom and dad had never had brussel sprouts before, and I don't think they were too crazy about them.

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